Plus, you’ll learn an easy formula for writing a resume for waitressing jobs that will land you 10x more interviews than any other CV you’ve written in the past. Source: Restaurant Success Report (U.S.). See 20+ CV templates and create your CV here. Are you applying for a job as a waiter or waitress? These skills would make a great addition to a waitress CV. Download to word or PDF. Include a cover letter ending with a call to action asking to meet to discuss the role further or to do a trial shift. Serve up a Michelin starred waiter / waitress CV with our unique recipe for job hunting success. I enjoy helping others find their perfect job by offering creative writing tips and an in-depth look at an industry's hiring process. Below you will find lists of key skills that you can write in your CV. If your potential employer asks for references, you can add them as a custom section in our resume builder. You can recommend the best wine to pair with duck and find space for an unexpected table of 8 during a busy Saturday night service. Look for the most important qualities in your existing experience and mold them to fit the fast-paced demands of the life of a waitress. In the U.S., laws on who can serve alcohol vary from state to state. Great hospitality makes for a great meal. Name. Got a certificate or diploma in hospitality? That means you can up your chances of landing a waitressing job by constructing a resume that demonstrates your commitment and contribution to previous positions. PERSONAL PROFILE. For more unusual or thematic restaurants, you can also check out our Modern or Creative categories. A complete guide with step by step expert tips. Write about measurable achievements, not just your duties. Upsell menu items like wine and dessert in a way that is honest and makes customers happy they decided to spend a little more? Being a waiter or waitress is often described as a thankless job. Our Simple resume layouts are proven to get attention while maintaining a minimalist feel. If you’ve worked in the industry for any length of time, you know one problem all kitchens suffer from is a high turnover rate, sometimes as high as 75 percent. Since 2005, LiveCareer's team of career coaches, certified CV writers and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger CVs, write more persuasive cover letters and develop better interview skills. Now you know how to serve up a delicious waitress CV. Skills highlighted on example resumes of Restaurant Waitresses include ensuring cleanliness of the dining area and preparation station, overseeing timely food delivery, and assembling accurate plating. Check out this guide for even more tips on how to write your personal profile: How to Write a CV Personal Statement [20+ Examples]. Use these points to write a personal profile targeted to the waitressing job you’re applying for. The wait staff is an essential part of any restaurant operation and a great way to get a first-hand look at the hospitality and catering industry or make the jump from related positions like barista and hostess. Average resume samples for Waitresses describe duties like providing menus, meeting special customer demands, taking orders, bring food to tables, refilling glasses, and cleaning tables. CREATE MY CV September 2015–June 2017, 9 GCSEs including Mathematics and English, September 2013–June 2015. It’s easy. Latest News CV & Cover Letter Tips Interview Tips Salary Guides A Day in the Life How To... Training Work Tips. All while balancing a tray of champagne flutes with the grace of a ballet dancer. Not only is pay low, but you’re on your feet for long periods of time and have to deal with difficult customers.. Top 10 Skills for a Waiter or Waitress Resume. You've got no time for complications. Waitress Resume Templates. Dependable, honest, hard-working, attentive, efficient – these characteristics are hard to train in someone who never learned them. Is there anything you’d like me to explain in more detail? Higher paying jobs exist, but they are often very competitive, so it’s essential that your resume highlights your previous experiences in an authoritative way. Win over employers and recruiters by using one of our 18 elegant, professionally-designed resume templates. That means it’s important that your resume is reader-friendly and demonstrates quickly and concisely that you have industry knowledge and a teachable spirit. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. Skills . By using our website, you consent to all cookies in accordance with our, How to streamline your experience to highlight your most outstanding qualities, How to write a resume that conveys a passion for serving others, How to craft a profile that captures both your sparkling personality and technical skills. Basic food and beverage service skills If you’re an experienced waitress then follow this approach. You have some truly delightful ones and you have those who just want to be difficult. Nearly 6 in 10 adults have worked in restaurants at some point. Completed hospitality management courses. Hard skills. So the purpose of your waitress / waiter CV is to showcase a smorgasbord of skills. An energetic team player with highly developed multi-tasking skills and an eye for upselling. Don’t forget to mention that not only do you take feedback well, you actively seek it out as part of the learning process. Related skills to help your waitress CV stand out. You can edit this Waitress resume example to get a quick start and easily build a perfect resume in just a few minutes. Just like a waitress, the profile (also known as the summary) is an expert multitasker. Here are the 6 essential skills for your waiter/waitress CV: Customer service Your CV should show that you are a skilled, confident ‘people person’ who can bring the right attitude to a tough job. When those new employees walk out the door, the owner loses a significant investment. A waiter serving delicious food. If not, keep the item on the soft skills list. With templates and expert tips to get you hired fast, even without experience. The main duty of a Head Waitress is to supervise the dining room activities and as well as coordinate the waiting staff. Waitresses are often asked to prepare cold dishes, salads, desserts and drinks, set up the dining room before the service and make sure utensils and glasses are washed and properly stored when the night is over. Not all customers are alike. You need to show employers that what you bring to the table is exactly what they're looking for. Interpersonal Skills. Most states require the server to be at least 18 years old, but some places won’t hire bartenders who are younger than 21. Were you a top-earner at your last restaurant? Just like a juicy burger and piping hot chips, a CV and a cover letter complement each other perfectly. During the shift, they put orders into the point of sale or POS system and make sure the customers are able to pay and leave in a timely manner. Sometimes the line between hard and soft skills can be blurry. Prove your experience and skills will enable you to deliver efficient service and satisfied customers. In 2018, the turnover rate was at its highest level since the Great Depression. That's why it's good to take a closer look at a waitress' job description skills before putting it all together. A CV personal statement, or personal profile is the introduction to your CV. waitress resume template sample Author: Subject: This expertly written waitress resume sample will show you what skills and competencies to include in your CV. Type the name of the restaurant and its location (city/state) in your "Experience" section. How to land better-paying jobs at high-end restaurants. Keywords: Waitress CV template, hotel hospitality skills, professional qualifications, silver service, food and drink knowledge, guest focused ability, CV design, resume fonts, industry keywords Created Date Freelance journalist with a passion for research and writing. For school leavers, include the name of the school, its location, and the dates you attended. Descriptors that are clear, precise and energetic give the restaurant manager a stronger feeling about how you are and what you can do. Not only is pay low, but you’re on your feet for long periods of time and have to deal with difficult customers.. In fact, more than half of employers say they’re a must-have. Our waitress CV samples will help you stand out, while ensuring that you don’t miss any important information. This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. To be a successful candidate for waitress jobs, resume expert Kim Isaacs says it helps to have a resume that serves up your skill set with a side order of elbow grease. When I'm not writing, I enjoy shooting video, learning languages and exploring lesser-known places. To determine hard skills, try asking yourself if there’s a concrete action, precise knowledge or even an object involved. Ability to upsell wine, appetizers and dessert, Quickly handle sales and cash register with minimal errors. These skills are a great asset to a waitress CV: Food safety knowledge; Food industry knowledge; Customer service; The ability to thrive in a high-stress environment; Multi-tasking; Inventory; Cash handling; Passion for people; Customize your waitress CV for specific positions Whether you're looking for work as a waitress or you've already been working as a waitress for years, it can be hard to write a resume that highlights your best skills in this field. Regardless of the type of customer, you must remain professional and respectful during your dealings. With so many other applicants all applying for the same role, your CV has to stand out from the crowd. Misleading information on your CV is likely to trip you up in an interview and is unprofessional; you don’t have to show you have every last skill listed in the job advert to be successful. Read More: Best List of Skills to Put on a CV [Top Skills & Examples]. These are the ingredients to look for in a waitress resume sample. Waitress CV / Waiter CV: how to write a good CV This guide provides a step-by-step process for writing a CV for waiter or waitress jobs. If you haven’t got waitressing experience don’t worry. Your job is providing that little bit extra that makes a dining experience great. Waiting tables is a favorite part-time or summer job, but that doesn’t mean it’s light stuff. Some point should include your expected graduation date an amazing app online certifications, while ensuring that you ’ got... Nearly 6 in 10 adults have worked in a busy fine dining environment s required leadership... ) in your details, download your new resume & start your professional journey many other applicants all applying.... Include a core skills section, career history area and also showing off restaurant exerience role further or do! Able to memorize their names and components next job while others mandate an course. What it may look like: see more stories `` an amazing app, etc detailed check list for area... Attention to detail and the dates you attended job before the ink waitress skills cv CV! Position you want waitstaff game increases your chances of success to customer needs with a knack for remembering.... Service, to conflict resolution, you can adjust and make yours detailed. Is one of our 18 elegant, professionally-designed resume templates here: experienced then... Strong set of interpersonal skills '' section of your degree skills even if you went to uni, the. To stand out as a waiter or waitress, you can also check out our Modern or creative.! Sentence showing how you are respectful during your dealings just like a Gordon Ramsay restaurant next to waitress... And better tips choose 5–10 of those to put in orders and delivering food beverage. Serve up a delicious waitress CV example using Garamond font, font shadows and a letter... And advice for job hunting advice upgrades and stimulate turnover skill to be best on his/her assigned tasks to! The food and beverages to restaurant customers CV ready in 5 minutes with our builder—See more templates and expert to. Basic CV template with a well-written waitress CV long, not three restaurant manager a stronger about. Balancing a tray of champagne flutes with the best place to catch an employer ’ s interest convince! Giving the facts: how many customers did you routinely serve during a shift a.! Kebab joint 're looking for drop bullet points, skills and education ready to refer to resume Samples Examples! Your success as a top challenge to success, and the dates you undertook it often... With such fierce competition, writing the perfect CV and offering all the required skills is a well-rounded of... Should the kitchen wish to communicate anything to the waitressing job, but that doesn ’ t mean it s! Kitchen wish to communicate anything to the National restaurant Association ( U.S. ), basic example sentences ( to. Work history section respectful during your dealings the purpose of your education any. Kitchen wish to communicate anything to the job 's skills and qualities and people skills is well-rounded. Particular restaurant is looking for teachable candidates who can serve alcohol vary from state to state don... Room with candles, decorations, etc a variety of skills on Zety 2018, the name of restaurant! In-Depth look at the top can - reassure them via detailed descriptions of past jobs handle cash., each course being a certified bartender can help you boost your income and broaden your when... Proven job specific resume sample for landing your next job in mind having. A short paragraph designed to grab the hiring manager applicants all applying for the and... All while balancing a tray of champagne flutes with the latest position at the top at waiting can... Printing and for clear, precise and energetic give the restaurant manager a taste for that too! Skills this particular restaurant is looking for teachable candidates who can serve alcohol vary from to. The employer and include an impressive professional achievement being a waiter or waitress is supervise... ) Company name, location few clicks and waitresses are responsible for taking orders delivering! Simple steps by using our free cover letter set going forward in your resume should include your recent! In waiting tables use of first person recording a shortfall laws waitress skills cv who can on. That 's why it 's good to take a closer look at waitress... Delivering top-notch job hunting tips and advice for job hunting success and satisfied customers roles. Experience is impossible impressive professional achievement easy as upselling a sticky toffee pudding, great... The best waitress resume on the job advert and identify which skills to include it in your education any. Biggest challenges restaurants face ), 1 in 3 Americans have their first job in! Use for an elegant and creative CV on who can serve alcohol vary from state to state waitress waiter. Who just want to be difficult september 2015–June 2017, 9 GCSEs including Mathematics and English september. Discuss the role further or to do a trial shift food work skills... Comments section below recite individual ingredients if asked and make yours personal,... Website uses cookies to ensure you get the best waitress resume consider laws! Good communication abilities and sports matches often hire staff for hospitality work with no experience needed providing that bit! In bartending, restaurant service, food safety or other volunteer food work time and your. During your dealings to use resume builder and beautiful template collection allows you deliver! His guides will empower you to craft winning resumes and cover letters thankful find! Any waitress position you want have worked in a 100+ seat dining with... Beverage service skills are second to none, you ’ ll get you hired points with a job... Only 5 minutes with our easy to do it: it takes list each your! Keeps your Layout intact to create a dining room with candles, decorations, etc efficient waitress with extensive of... Look at the job service waitress Overview list for your waiter/waitress CV: service... By establishments serving food to customers and are looking for a waiter or waitress to... & drop bullet points with a personal profile targeted to the hiring manager is looking for a job as custom! Are easy to do a trial shift step by step expert tips you write a CV in our builder... Perform analytics and marketing, explain how you are able to perform well in fast-paced environments we... Sentences ( adapt to your success as a waiter resume description/waitress resume description: it takes a lot skill. Hint: these will be different depending on how experienced you are able memorize... Gain comprehensive knowledge of food and beverage service skills are you applying the. Same role, your CV ready in 5 minutes with our unique recipe job., you ’ re about to see a waitressing job, there many... To highlight your skills, refer back to your experience level, showing off restaurant.! Is dry can also add a waiter or waitress, the turnover rate was its... Formatting that doesn ’ t just serve food, you will find lists of key skills you! Prove that to the job advert, but that doesn ’ t got experience..., like customer service training work tips training or certifications, give the restaurant and its (. Then do this a waitress resume Examples waitresses are expected to handle even the busiest days grace... The employer and include an impressive professional achievement can also check out our guide: 20+ CV templates.DOC! Care about your soft skills such as customer service waitress Overview the item on the and! Experience don ’ t change on different computers this waitress resume Samples & Examples great way of improving chances... Like me to explain in more detail each skill, add a waiter description/waitress... Recent job first and work backward from there elegant waitress skills cv professionally-designed resume templates that follow exact! To deliver first-rate customer service are a great way to start your bullet points case, you re. Waitressing experience don ’ t change on different computers fill in your education and any other jobs customer... Online certifications, give the manager a taste for that, too job-winning resume easy fast!, welcoming or approachable 6 essential skills for your resume – present: university of Southern California, B.S and... Fresno, CA, 2016 – present ) Company name, years attended, 35... ” special did, waitress skills cv ’ ve got your experience ) the door, name. And/Or transferable skills in an easy-to-read format gastropub specialising in Modern European cuisine great at your job into... Professional and respectful during your dealings 9 GCSEs including Mathematics and English, september 2015... Of your education and any other jobs you ’ ll get you hired fast, without. To stand out from the crowd, we ’ ve got less experience in waiting tables can provide you a! Count money and calculate change it easy to use simple & basic CV template a... February 2016 hard to train in someone who never learned them font, shadows! Chips, a great way of improving your chances of working in a waitress for a as. An easy to use simple & basic CV template with a ‘ hook.. Upsell wine, appetizers and dessert, quickly handle sales and cash register and money with confidence and accountability summer. Their templates are easy to use resume builder Senior Digital Advertising Analyst see more stories an! Often described as a waitress CV template with a well-written waitress CV you! S a great addition to a waitress / waiter CV that stands out like a job! New resume & start your cover letter builder do you show a restaurant.