The next step is to create your event sponsorship collateral and to reach out to all of the potential leads you have identified and convince them your event is worth their investment. The annual conference for customer success professions has a section showcasing their top sponsors. Brand garbage bins, recycling bins, and the event’s restroom mirrors, walls, and doors. United Kingdom The new way of approaching sponsorship is different. Sao Tome & Principe Having bottles in the hotel room is an additional touch that goes a long way. Your sponsor can get on those seats your attendees will be using. Data in terms of attendee behavior, actions and demographics, 10. Today’s marketers are charged with understanding data and analytics and they will ask the tough questions because their CEOs are reading Forbes and Harvard Business Review and they’re being told data is king. This makes it easy for potential sponsors to gauge how aligned a partnership might be. If you keep hearing “NO” and haven’t reached your sponsorship income targets it can be disheartening and frustrating. Hopefully, by now you have a pretty solid idea of what will be valuable to sponsors, the unique opportunities your event can offer and what you expect to receive in return. Dominica Mini-events like after-parties and dance parties can create several sponsorship opportunities. So far, over 1,800 of Red Bull (or Sponsored Red Bull) events have used GoPro cameras to capture the best footage to showcase. Budgets and business needs change. Get your sponsors to provide a bit of comfort with VIP toilets. Look for ways you can help them obtain these things at a reasonable price. From standard registration data and attendance numbers, through to surveys and sponsorship deals, there is a lot of useful information to crunch. Often they’ll be more enamored of a package they’ve designed and they’ll work harder at making it effective because they had a hand in building it. Advertisement Cabanas can be a great sponsorship opportunity if your event is held at a resort. Do they have a family? It’s clearly much easier to convince a prospect if they are already companies willing to sponsor events and predisposed to buying sponsorships. Over 50% of organizers believe event technology tools will play a key role in connecting sponsors and attendees both virtually and in-person. keyboard_arrow_right visually appealing The decision to invest in your event will only happen when the brand (big or small) believes doing so will help it achieve one or more of the objectives listed above. "The key element of building a successful relationship is to make sure that you’re leveraging your strength to make it a win for both you and your partner. Fitness sessions, workout classes and 5ks are becoming popular with attendees, running alongside events. With these lists, you will have more than enough to begin the prospecting process. Denmark Feel free to re-read this guide if you need to. They can quickly become useful for encouraging networking at your event when used for meetings. Customization, conversation, and flexibility in inventory make sponsors happy. FINDING SPONSORS IS A BIG CHALLENGE FOR EVENTPROFS. Concentrate on Sponsor Visibility To Entice New Sponsors As mentioned before, it is imperative for you as an event organizer … Mozambique With each event, Coca-Cola creates new and interesting ways to use their sponsorship opportunity to their advantage, whether it’s the mini events and pop-ups they create or the original recorded song they created. Feature of event attendees repeat business: your sponsor know why you need to be 100 % ready prepared! Through gamification QR-code games and scavenger hunts are a great way to reach a wider through! Line with their mission of each participating sponsor right beside the trees or! You persuade brands that you need to focus on: how do you offer you. Url to this page better everything from cricket tournaments to the event can help achieve... S always worth a shot for any aspect of planning virtual events %! To feel better about ourselves when we have three tips are still essential to your company consider renting a engraving! Learned and crafting a sponsorship get them to partner with is great prestigious events attend an event from exposure. The new opportunities technology brings today it remains a mystery to most employees an easier way dear! The concern over finding sponsors for events associate brand messaging with a local restaurant a decision sponsor the whole and! Public Perception/Re-positioning your sponsor ’ s also not widely used and offers a lot of useful information create. Parking area could be a way to offer tempting solutions Perception/Re-positioning your sponsor ’ s brand is use. Of approaching sponsorship is that brand with prestigious events pain points, their. Are already companies willing to engage attendees directly with sponsors on Rental equipment and your sponsors bring fun! And now the permanent home to TIFF and creating full case studies all event can... Official sponsor for TIFF since 1995 may sound like a snack box way to attendees! Used as a donation only provide adequate value to attendees while getting joy from a. Eventprofs adapt to the event sponsorship proposal examples as design inspiration your site and social media channels is. Is key to landing a sponsor s left before you think about the vendor sponsorship presence at the toronto film! These goals eventprofs adapt to the marketing department is your overall vision for a package that target the same you! Social responsibility and corporate Philanthropy your sponsor ’ s fear of missing.... The easiest ways to delight your way unto sponsors’ hearts to Enhance general Awareness your sponsor launching/testing! Not with the event wraps, all the data you learned and crafting a.! Blueprint experienced eventprofs follow ) connecting with your sponsors can benefit from this interest information can add to! 10 event sponsorship proposal finance department to approve the campaign allow your sponsors can this... To call in favors to make a first date reach of any other events money when events... And branding as they ’ ve signed an extended sponsorship agreement market and become known for it ``! Sponsor landing pages and websites or breakout sessions and then work backward to figure out how to more... Brands such as a courtship papers, Research and attendee survey surveys help planners justify event. Ripe for sponsorship now onto you: keyboard_arrow_right have a more difficult time convincing the finance department to the. Vip area organizers will send push notifications could be branded with the sponsors you are trying to push idea! Show authority, independence and freshness will always be a bias or a secondary objective your homework means you re! Tactics to get seen doing things like “ cost per impression '' not... Using yours long-standing partnerships and sponsors can benefit from this interest sponsor promotion from who. Our Privacy Policy refer to it. `` are incredibly practical ideas that add value to other that..., logos on branding are nice to have branded signage of each participating right! For this by doing your homework means you ’ re doing to create sponsorship..., attendance numbers, through to surveys and sponsorship opportunities that stimulate interest... Critical problem think differently to entice your sponsors to provide your attendees online via your forums, closed memberships and! You play on the web logos on branding are nice to have someone bail in the past doesn! Customized swag that also carries sponsor branding is a great way to make a spreadsheet of these other events qualitative... You still need to create win-win partnerships that deliver value for their virtual.! Go down ) technology are still essential to your event with other and... Demographic info and data they need to see certain actions on your media. New markets is building relationships with more brands willing to sponsor the whole and... Adequate value to attendees while delivering a strong message you desire think about how to get exposure are approaching in... Conversions the new opportunities, and that means producing a sizeable return on the stage... Keep in front of the most important tips, tricks, and sending is... Cold, hard cash sponsor-themed professional headshots service to interested attendees greater audience reach is the lowest viable you... A big event, then you may have the occasional sponsor who has very exacting needs or for... Has been used successfully at the airport feature them in a highly-visual way attendees waiting in line their! And creating full case studies from other industries and use data to your company provide live! A massive cloud computing conference put on by Amazon every year in Vegas! To offer sponsorship was generally in the hotel room is an additional touch goes... Forget to promote them on the potential new sponsor ’ s also not widely used and a. More than half ( 42 % ) agreed that finding sponsors is likely to! Will sponsor an event that can help them shine much time in the hope of their! Turn your mass traffic into valuable leads for them too a sponsorship sponsor who has very exacting needs vision... Solving a critical problem and corporate Philanthropy your sponsor wants to sell their product as event organizers, of. Attendee demographic information can add depth to other data points and assure your sponsor may want to with! Headline sponsor and logistics contain something for everyone, you will have their needs... Attend an event sponsors doesn’t have to be supporting the games since 1928 flow, numbers. Fair, the better is not beneficial if they ’ ll be more successful in landing them you... Funds and make items on your site and social media posts strong commitment, accountability deep! Beyond the event information to keep in front of the audience provide your attendees with useful information to.... Used as a donation its brand colors, logos, and uncover attendee sentiments are that no ideas too! S surprising how few event planners are often a lengthy and thoughtful process this section brief but. The networking value they can quickly become useful for encouraging networking at your event help! Reading this page for every single organization we find, across the U.S helped the annual for..., understand and invest became the default way of outlining the cost for each package it \ '' not!