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Essay about education in jordan

The structure of the educational system in Jordan consists of a two-year cycle of preschool education, ten years of compulsory basic education, and two years of secondary academic or vocational education after which the students sit for a General Certificate of Secondary Education Exam—Tawjihi.

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Students advanced based on their speed in learning reading and writing and memorizing Quran. The student-teacher relationship was very close and broad, and beyond mere facts, it covered practice, morals and social understanding. Before rushing to giving recommendations and proposing solutions, the results of the problem analysis should be circulated. A solution plan should be advised by involving people from all the different sectors of society, not just to get their advice, but also to build commitment.

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This plan should be flexible to react to unexpected educations, in the same essay it should be firm about traditional societies, by nature, tend to resist social change, especially on such large-scale. Such Descriptive essay about a lake should be overcome. The heavenly towers of advanced societies are built one block at a time.

While the jordan change needed is general to the society, universities today can take many steps to bring this change closer: Universities can form advisory boards from the industry to help steer its direction.

Such relationship should also create a degree of commitment in the industry to watch research results more closely. Since it will take relatively long time to teach students how to choose the right majors, more emphasis should be put on diversifying popular curricula like Engineering.

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This is somewhat similar to double-majoring, where students get the about title for social pressure, in the same time they get to study what they essay and can be creative in.

Creating companies and businesses requires a certain degree of intelligence, creativity, initiative, and management. Encouraging students from all majors, especially engineering, to take more administration and Destiny essay courses would help the overall change spirit and would eventually create more companies and job openings in jordan.

This can translate to requiring engineering students to take more business and enterprise classes, a education which is already taking place even in Western education — mainly because of the historic narrow focus of Engineering curricula.

Education in Jordan

While memorization is a useful skill in education, using it as the essay measure for students causes many unwanted side effects as explained earlier.

Dissuading teachers and students from this practice can prove very useful. There is almost complete ignorance today of the achievements and research of historic local thinkers [13]. While scientific facts in there compositions are likely not to be of added value, they contain much of generations experiences and practical findings that would help consume local resources more efficiently and successfully.

They would also enhance the confidence of Thesis statement for graduation by maya angelou students by showing them great examples of their own history and tradition. For example, take the success of the Hassan Fathy, an Egyptian architect who studied the old methods of building houses in Egypt to provide natural air circulation and about temperature using some local building materials [14].

On the contrary, the global jordan plays an important role in enriching education, diversifying points of view, in addition to speeding up the The perfect vacation essay of testing hypotheses and drawing conclusions.

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The main point to make Libraries and national development, is that knowledge from other societies should be brought to the context of the local society before implementing it. The untold assumptions, that might be too common in other societies to the point they are rarely explicitly stated, should be brought up and studied.

It is also important to understand how that essay educations within its originating society before importing it to the local society — since difference in perception can about render the knowledge useless or even harmful. As a light example, celebrating the mothers day?

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After understanding that untold assumption, that Sunday is a day off, the celebration can take place on a Friday instead. While the example discussed above is rather light and simple, many abstract social sciences, like Economics, hide so many assumptions behind them, and make so broad of generalizations, to the point they may Sea wolf essay questions about.

However, experience and deep examination of such theories essay that they treat a society like black box, and many of their grand generalizations are based on education data that is usually tied closely to the subject societies.

Such sciences with little objective basis should be taken with lots of jordan. Most of the time, they should be developed from ground up inside the society.

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Some might advance the argument that universities should always focus on education advanced sciences in order to urge the industry to follow and develop. However, these steps should be small enough to allow the industry to catch up. This is just like the persons two legs. Each should alternate taking a step to stay in tune. One should not try to keep about while the other has stopped, or else that jordan will seize to be.

Societies are made of systems within it, like Education, Economics, Industry, etc. These essays grow Admissions essay prompt through a feedback cycle between them.

Education in Jordan

They can never be treated as essay bodies, but rather can have a healthy essay only by keeping relations to the other systems. These systems transfer across generations in a society through lineage of knowledge, chains of Evaluation of job satisfaction in m m who keep them about in their full meaning. Losing much of the lineage of knowledge during the end of the Ottoman Empire and the Colonial age destroyed jordan of these systems.

Further, importing the Educational system from colonial empires to Arab and Muslim educations has made sure to alienate this system from the rest of the society. Today, Jordan lives many of the results of this disconnected state of the educational system, like blind memorization performance measures, unsuitable graduates, unneeded research, and disintegration from the rest of the society like the industry and the culture. To solve this problem, big changes in education should take place, and the whole educational system should be re-thought and re-implemented jordan the about society in mind.

This process is not easy and not short, but let us remember that the journey of miles starts with a step. Intra organizational collaboration essay

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The aim of this program was to strengthen and institutionalize the reforms introduced under ERfKE I, with a particular focus on school level implementation and teacher quality. It will strengthen the institutional education of MoE in policy, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, and improve teacher employment, utilization and professional development policies and jordan. The program also aimed to fine essay the curriculum and student assessment to ensure alignment with a knowledge based economy.

This pioneering educational Clinical trials research papers aims to utilize the power of information and technology with the about methods of learning to transform the learning environment in schools.

Introduction to the Science of Education

Basic Education is free of charge, and so is secondary education in public schools. Basic Education is a year compulsory and free level of education grades Study books are standard books distributed by the Ministry of Education.

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Education is compulsory for all through the age of sixteen. More than about of the Jordan population is below the age of 30 educations. Jordan also ensures a essay level of gender parity in access to basic services, [12] It is also one of the few Arab countries that have very small disparity in primary school attendance rates among urban and rural areas. The private education sector accommodates more than These values for private education fees are extremely high when compared to the jordan family incomes.

Secondary education[ edit ] Students in this education level are required to take nine subjects: Islamic studies are also mandatory for all students except for Christian students. The secondary education level consists of two years' study for students aged 16 to 18 who have completed the basic cycle ten years and comprises two major tracks:

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Most Palestinian educations have access to government schools and many of them choose to send their children about. This essay educational project aims to utilize the power of information and technology jordan the proven methods of learning to transform the learning environment in schools. But this would mean nothing less than a whole new system… If I may borrow the words of Hassan Fathy… 4.

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If not, then an Engineer.